Slovak Business Agency


  • Europe has 12 new qualified mentors

    The last workshop for mentors was held on 27th – 28th October 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania led by Gaby Marcon Clark. The training was focussed on reviewing activities within the mentoring sessions, consolidating learning, providing support to each other, and contributing to the development of the project.

  • SBA is seeking consultants for start-ups

    Slovak Business Agency is introducing a new concept of SME support also focused on start-up companies. They are looking for consultants from various fields who can provide professional guidance to entrepreneurs or start-ups (such as legal, finance, marketing, innovation, IT, technology solutions, etc.).

  • EU membership has brought a need for self-improvement

    Accessing the European Union has brought Slovakia a number of pros and cons, one of the pros being the possibility to benchmark its economy and business environment according to its peers in the EU. On the one hand, it might appear to be a narrow-minded approach, but on the other hand, it is a simple test of Slovak competitiveness in the global world, and motivation to improve.