National Business center

National Business Centre (hereinafter “NBC”) offers comprehensive support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and those interested in starting their business. 

The main mission of the NBC is to implement the concept of a one-stop-shop offering a wide portfolio of information and supplementary services to all starting and established businesses in different stages of their life cycles and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as to creative and innovative people who are considering commercializing their idea or product.

NBC has several sections:

Front Office

First contact point with a client. The main principle of NBC´s Front Office is to provide information for all of its target groups that can assist them in starting their businesses and during their business activities. The Front Office will provide a wide array of information on financial and non-financial services and products for its clients, covering the broadest possible scope of topics that are key and critical for potential, starting and also well-established entrepreneurs.

Co-working area and incubator

Creative point

Creative Point is a self-standing component of the Acceleration Program. It is basically a creative workshop offering services that are tailored to creating modules and prototypes as well as development of new products. The main goal of Creative Point is to provide access to new technologies – enhancing creativity, knowledge sharing, proven procedures and further resources for creative ideas to a wide target group and inspiring entrepreneurs.



This is one of the four NBC programs available throughout the life cycle of a business from its establishment to growth in the domestic or foreign market. The introductory stage is arched under the Acceleration Program, designed for natural persons – non-entrepreneurs who represent the wide public. It is aimed at building interest in entrepreneurship, increasing motivation for creating new business ideas and developing basic entrepreneurial skills.

The Acceleration Program offers: professional counseling, training courses and activities aimed at development of business potential in order to address the needs of those interested in entrepreneurship; increasing awareness about entrepreneurship as a career alternative; and presenting business success stories and good business practice.


The goal of this program is to support and develop starting SMEs in the most challenging phase of their life-cycle, thus increasing their odds to live through the first, most critical years of doing business.

The Incubation Program is designed for starting entrepreneurs, registered no more than three years prior to submitting their application to join the program, who have their business seat in the Bratislava region and meet the definition of a small and medium-sized business.


This is NBC´s non-financial program, opening doors to the world of new experiences and their sharing for active entrepreneurs as well as aspiring ones. It is designed to assist innovative companies and aspiring entrepreneurs to get experience with doing business in well-advanced foreign markets via counseling services from foreign experts and mentors.

This design gives SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs new knowledge, experience and information from both domestic and foreign experts in various areas.

Growth programme

The Growth Program offers support to small and medium-sized businesses with a potential to grow, innovate, increase their market share, expand beyond the Slovak market or strengthen their competitiveness, conclude business partnerships and penetrate foreign markets.