Better regulation center


Mission of the Better Regulation Center is to reduce the disproportionate regulatory burden on businesses as well as to improve the business environment in Slovakia. Better Regulation Center operates as s part of the Slovak Business Agency.

Main activities:

  • Regulatory impact analysis on proposed and existing regulations with impact on business environment.
  • Drafting proposals on reducing regulatory burden on businesses in order to increase competitiveness of the business environment and boost economic growth.
  • Applying the regulatory impact analysis on regulations in context of their impact on SMEs (SME Test).
  • Promotion of the ‘Think Small First’ principle in accordance with the Small Business Act initiative in Slovak law thus resulting in simplification of existing regulations for SMEs when operating in the markets.
  • Consultations with business environment and stakeholders on regulations thus obtaining feedback in relation to the relevant state administration bodies and institutions of the EU.
  • Assessment of harmonization of the Slovak and the EU legislation when transposing the EU business environment legislation into national law (Gold-plating reduction).


Better Regulation Center
Slovak Business Agency
Karadžičova 2
811 09 Bratislava
02/ 203 63 193