Business environment analysis

Slovak Business Agency (till 28/2/2014 the National Agency for development of SMEs) from its beginning:

  • Monitors the state of the business environment in the Slovak Republic,
  • Identifies and analyses the entrepreneurship barriers ,
  • Proposes recommendations aimed at the development of the SME sector,
  • Evaluates the application of the principles of the "Small Business Act" in Slovakia,
  • Produces and publishes analysis on the SME development and on the state of small and medium enterprises in the Slovak Republic.

We monitor and evaluate, based on the analysis of statistical and other data, particular indicators concerning SMEs and we process them into the reports which are available in this section.

They are available only in Slovak language.

Analysis of the business environment

Results of monitoring of the Slovak business environment

Surveys of the business environment

Statistical data and surveys realized on representative sample of businesses

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  • Along with the concept of supporting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) covered by the Slovak Business Agency (SBA) from March 2014, pilot initiatives aimed at supporting the startup community and boosting the potential of the internet economy will be launched in summer 2014.