Non-financial services for SMEs

Programme for educating, training and consulting selected groups of people interested in doing business

For who the programme is intended

Programme is intended for people interested in starting their own business and are not yet registered as entrepreneurs:

  • Unemployed and registered at the Labour offices,
  • Graduates from the high schools and universities,
  • Women on  maternity leave or right after,
  • 50+ generation and seniors,
  • Migrants,
  • Employees who are considering starting their own business.

Specialization and purpose of the aid

The aim of the programme is to support creation of new businesses and to maintain their sustainability that means:

  • Successful beginnings of their new business (mainly micro and small enterprises), including small trade licensees,
  • Preparation of future businessmen and management of their own businesses,
  • Formulation of a business plan and its optimal settings.

Mapping of the entrepreneurship conditions, overview of financial, legal, tax, and marketing issues, these are parts of the aid.

Form and amount of the aid

Aid is provided indirectly through:

  • Consultation services,
  • Formulation of business plans for future businessmen,
  • Short-term education.

The amount of aid for potential businessmen is following:

  • 1 hour of informational services free of charge with 100 % subsidy from the Programme,
  • 3 hours of consulting services free of charge with 100 % subsidy from the Programme,
  • 26 hours of consulting services with 20 % contribution from potential entrepreneur and 80 % subsidy from the Programme.

In case of 3-5 days training, costs will be reimbursed to the client up to 100 % from the price of the course.

How to apply for aid

Applicants interested in consulting services or attendance in the seminar on how to start entrepreneurship will need to submit their application in one of the cooperating institutions from SBA network that provide consultations and realize trainings directly or through external experts.

Attention: basic information do not replace official full version of the programme

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