Financial services for SMEs

Microloan programme

The programme, implemented since 1997, is intended from small businesses employing up to 50 people. A microloan can be used for procuring movable and non-movable investment property, reconstruction of operating spaces as well as the purchase of necessary stocks, raw material or goods and other investment projects. The minimum amount of a micro loan is 2,500 EUR and the maximum amount is 50,000 EUR. The period for repayment is set from 6 months to 4 years; it is possible to provide a deferment of an instalment maximally for a period of 6 months. Credit is provided with an interest rate ranging from 1, 26 % to 9, 16%. Overall from the beginning of the Microloans Programme 1,827 microloans were provided in the amount of EUR 31,195,825, almost 3,000 jobs were created and 5,000 jobs were retained.

How to apply for the microloan?

Venture capital funds

Slovak Business Agency implements support for growth-oriented business projects by providing venture capital (contribution to the registered capital of companies) through a specialised subsidiary company – the National holding fund (Národný holdingový fond s.r.o.) The long-term mission of the fund is the directing of activities of the individual funds in order to stimulate the development of the SME sector in the whole territory of the Slovak Republic, to increase the amount of financial resources of individual funds, and to use profits made to implement the long-term goal of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

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