OnlineS3 Consultation on strategic planning methodologies for Smart Specialisation Strategies

In line with the ex-ante conditionality of Europe Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), regions of member states must design and implement their Research and Innovation Strategy for smart specialization (RIS3) in accordance with the EU 

2020 Strategy on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Online S3 complementing the existing S3 platform proposes to close the gap that currently exists between the expectations and outcomes by offering services, tools and applications which cover the design and implementation of RIS3 free of charge.

International project Online S3 financed by EU programme Horizon 2020 aims to develop an e-policy platform, augmented with a toolbox of applications and online services, able to assist national and regional authorities in the EU to elaborate, revise or implement their smart specialisation agenda.


The input is based upon provided mapping and assessment of used methodologies, online mechanisms and e-services that are available for RIS3 strategic planning, out of which approximately 30 methodologies were selected by the project team. The different methodologies are identified in each of the six steps/phases towards Smart Specialisation (Governance, Analysis of Context, Strategy formulation, Priority setting, Policy mix, Monitoring & Evaluation) and there are available here or on the project webpage

In this context, we would like to ask the relevant representatives of public and private sector,  public servants, strategy design & implementation experts, regional development experts, researchers, civil society to participate in the evaluation process of these methodologies, whether in terms of the usefulness of the method, its simplicity of implementation, data availability, procedural perspective, in terms of tools / applications facilitating implementation, opportunities for improvement etc. and thus to contribute to the development of effective online platform that represents an opportunity to refine and implement its RIS3 much easier, more efficient and faster in the future.

Your comments, opinions, findings and remarks can be expressed (even anonymously) via:

Your contributions will be used for the project purposes as a source of information to create and design the new e-platform.


ONLINE S3 Project Team.

About the project: Online S3 funded by Horizon 2020 aims at creating an e-platform with the toolbox, application and online services in order to assist the regional and national authorities in the EU member states to elaborate their smart specialisation agenda. It will also investigate, develop and test new and innovative technologies, tools and services which are in line with the methodological steps proposed by the European Commission.


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