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We all are well aware that members states of European Union must prepare and implement a research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation (known as RIS3) in accordance with the new European Commission 2020 strategy (on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth) and for using the budget within the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

ONLINE S3 is a research and innovation action under the call ISSI-4_2015 (On-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice) and is implemented by a consortium of twelve EU partners from Spain, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Finland (see the project partners below).

One of the main results of the ONLINE S3 is a platform design for smart specialisation policy advice (in the programme HORIZON 2020) for better understanding and for overcoming the gap between the expectations of research and innovation strategies (on one side) and outcomes of smart specialisation (on the other side).

ONLINE S3 platform with its services, tools and applications offers different interested stakeholders in EU member states possibilities for the design and implementation of RIS3 free of charge or to test and/or upgrade their RIS3 strategies. It will assist regional and national authorities in the EU member states to elaborate their smart specialisation agenda. It will also investigate, develop and test new and innovative technologies, tools and services which are in line with the methodological steps proposed by the European Commission.

Stakeholder engagement and their active involvement represent a crucial challenge for better policy processes in EU member states. In ONLINE S3 among stakeholders (from the quadruple-helix model of S3) there are four different groups of stakeholders, which are invited to participate: policy makers, researchers, innovators and civil organisations. They represent so-called ONLINE S3 stakeholder community.

Membership in ONLINE S3 community has many benefits. Among them there is the access to information on the methodologies of smart specialisation, consultation possibilities on research and innovation for designing your own smart specialisation strategies, involvement in the process of entrepreneurial discovery supporting smart specialisation, research and innovation, collaboration in the development of a mutual learning environm ent, etc. In particular, the ONLINE S3 consortium invites two additional regional or national authorities across Europe to team up around the ONLINE S3 project. Through a dedicated call for pilots, the aim is to mobilize two regional or national authorities for using the e-policy platform Please find more information via

With this paper we would like to inform all the people living and working in the EU member states about the potential benefits of participating actively in innovation based processes and supporting a wider platform of interdisciplinary collaboration across a community able to promote a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of our society. For more information on how to participate, please, log in into ONLINE S3:








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